The sendFusionTransaction method allows you to send a fusion transaction, by taking funds from selected addresses and transferring them to the destination address.

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If there aren't any outputs that can be optimized, sendFusionTransaction will return an error. You can use the estimateFusion method to check the outputs, available for the optimization.


threshold Yes Value that determines which outputs will be optimized1)uint641000000
anonymity Yes Privacy level (mixin). Level 6 is the higher.uint643
addresses No Array of string2)array
destinationAddress No An address that the optimized funds will be sent to3)stringir2qzAzr1KfCk2sTsLdEq8BRSRyHnahcKJrPRZg8rHtkRCNBHJiiyNz8vWjwoM6F4PSbPQuNusEgGXc2A4NoDrQr2dH4rbmGs

Note: if container contains only 1 address, destinationAddress field can be left empty and the funds are going to be sent to this address.

Note: if addresses field contains only 1 address, destinationAddress can be left empty and the funds are going to be sent to this address.

Note: in the rest of the cases, destinationAddress field is mandatory and must contain an address.


transactionHashHash of the sent transaction.string93faedc8b8a80a084a02dfeffd163934746c2163f23a1b6022b32423ec9ae08f

Input Example:


Return value example:


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Only the outputs, lesser than the threshold value, will be included into a fusion transaction.
where each string is an address to take the funds from
Valid and existing in this container address