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-===== The Iridum Wallet Daemon RPC calls ===== 
-The Iridium RPC Wallet embed an HTTP server which provides a JSON 2.0 RPC interface for Iridium payment operations and address management.\\   
-You will find here the description of all the methods included in Iridium RPC Wallet API (iridium_walletd).\\   
-To make a JSON RPC query to your running Iridium RPC Wallet use POST requests to %%http://%%''iridium_wallet IP'':''iridium_wallet port''/json_rp 
-  *''iridium_wallet IP'' is an IP of Iridium RPC Wallet, if RPC Wallet is located on local machine it is either or localhost 
-  *''iridium_wallet port'' is Iridium RPC Wallet port, by default it is binded to 14007 port. 
-For starting and configuring the iridium_walletd, look at the [[iridium_walletd#Command line and configuration file options|command line and configuration file options]]. 
-==== Iridium RPC Wallet API methods summary ==== 
-^ Method       ^ Description          ^ 
-|[[walletd_reset|reset]]|Re-synchronize your wallet| 
-|[[walletd_save |save]]|Save changes into your wallet file| 
-|[[walletd_getViewKey|getViewKey]]|Return the view-only address key.| 
-|[[walletd_getSpendKeys|getSpendKeys]]|Return address spend keys.| 
-|[[walletd_getStatus|getStatus]]|Return informations about the current Iridium RPC Wallet state: block_count, known_block_count, last_block_hash and peer_count.| 
-|[[walletd_getAddresses |getAddresses]]|Return an array of the Iridium RPC wallet's addresses.| 
-|[[walletd_createAddress |createAddress]]|Create an address.| 
-|[[walletd_deleteAddress |deleteAddress]]|Delete a specified address.| 
-|[[walletd_getBalance|getBalance]]|Return a balance for a specified address. If address is not specified, returns a cumulative balance of all wallet's addresses.| 
-|[[walletd_getBlockHashes|getBlockHashes]]|Return an array of block hashes for a specified block range.| 
-|[[walletd_getTransactionHashes|getTransactionHashes]]|Return an array of block and transaction hashes| 
-|[[walletd_getTransactions|getTransactions]]|Return information about the transactions in specified block range or for specified addresses.| 
-|[[walletd_getUnconfirmedTransactionHashes|getUnconfirmedTransactionHashes]]|Return information about the current unconfirmed transaction pool or for a specified addresses.| 
-|[[walletd_getTransaction|getTransaction]]|Return information about the specified transaction.| 
-|[[walletd_sendTransaction|sendTransaction]]|Creates and send a transaction.| 
-|[[walletd_createDelayedTransaction|createDelayedTransaction]]|Creates but not send a transaction.| 
-|[[walletd_getDelayedTransactionHashes|getDelayedTransactionHashes]]|Return hashes of delayed transactions.| 
-|[[walletd_deleteDelayedTransaction|deleteDelayedTransaction]]|Delete a specified delayed transaction.| 
-|[[walletd_sendDelayedTransaction|sendDelayedTransaction]]|Send a specified delayed transaction.| 
-|[[walletd_sendFusionTransaction|sendFusionTransaction]]|Create and send a fusion transaction.| 
-|[[walletd_estimateFusion|estimateFusion]]|Estimate a number of outputs that can be optimized with fusion transactions| 
-[[iridium_walletd_rpc_call#Iridium RPC Wallet API methods summary|back to top]]