The Iridium RPC Wallet embed an HTTP server which provides a JSON 2.0 RPC interface for Iridium payment operations and address management.
You will find here the description of all the methods included in Iridium RPC Wallet API (iridium_walletd).

To make a JSON RPC query to your running Iridium RPC Wallet use POST requests to http://iridium_wallet IP:iridium_wallet port/json_rpc

  • iridium_wallet IP is an IP of Iridium RPC Wallet, if RPC Wallet is located on local machine it is either or localhost
  • iridium_wallet port is Iridium RPC Wallet port, by default it is binded to 14007 port.

For starting and configuring the iridium_walletd, look at the command line and configuration file options.

Method Description
resetRe-synchronize your wallet
saveSave changes into your wallet file
getViewKeyReturn the view-only address key.
getSpendKeysReturn address spend keys.
getStatusReturn informations about the current Iridium RPC Wallet state: block_count, known_block_count, last_block_hash and peer_count.
getAddressesReturn an array of the Iridium RPC wallet's addresses.
createAddressCreate an address.
deleteAddressDelete a specified address.
getBalanceReturn a balance for a specified address. If address is not specified, returns a cumulative balance of all wallet's addresses.
getBlockHashesReturn an array of block hashes for a specified block range.
getTransactionHashesReturn an array of block and transaction hashes
getTransactionsReturn information about the transactions in specified block range or for specified addresses.
getUnconfirmedTransactionHashesReturn information about the current unconfirmed transaction pool or for a specified addresses.
getTransactionReturn information about the specified transaction.
sendTransactionCreates and send a transaction.
createDelayedTransactionCreates but not send a transaction.
getDelayedTransactionHashesReturn hashes of delayed transactions.
deleteDelayedTransactionDelete a specified delayed transaction.
sendDelayedTransactionSend a specified delayed transaction.
sendFusionTransactionCreate and send a fusion transaction.
estimateFusionEstimate a number of outputs that can be optimized with fusion transactions

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