This is the fastest and recommanded method to get the binaries : Binaries release are statically linked against all the libraries used for the project. they also are compiled with the same commited code, so they are fully compatible all together.

Iridium core binaries are available as statically linked binaries for Linux. It should works “as is” form any command line, The latest daemon build is always available at

Download the Iridium core bz2 archive and extract it (note Latest version is 5.0.0 as of Jul 2 2019):

$ wget
$ tar xjvf Iridium.Core.Linux.5.0.0.tbz2
$ cd Iridium.Core.Linux.5.0.0
:!: This is just an example, please check the current version and paths.

You now have an Iridium directory containing 4 binaries :

Starting any binary connect it directly to the iridium network with the default options…
For tests purpose, start it in testnet mode : add --testnet after it.

Each binary contain it's own help, you can show it by calling the bin with –help :

  $ ./iridiumd --help
  $ ./iridium_simplewallet --help
  $ ./iridium_walletd --help
  $ ./iridium_miner --help

the Iridium daemon (iridiumd), RPC wallet daemon (iridium_walled) and the simplewallet can be started in testnet mode for tests and debug purpose. Just add --testnet at the command.

  $ mkdir ~/testDB
  $ ./iridiumd --testnet

Iridiumd will look for an iridiumd.conf file by default. A custom named configuration file can be used also, here is a sample: daemon started with ~/testDB as blockchain storage, ~/ird-testnet.conf as configuration file and in testnet mode

$ cat  ~/ird-testnet.conf
$ mkdir ~/testDB
$ ./iridiumd --data-dir ~/testDB --testnet --config-file ~/ird-testnet.conf 

Where do you want to go now :

Install Required Packages

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential libboost-all-dev git cmake
$ sudo apt-get update

Get sources

$ git clone


$ cd iridium
$ mkdir iridium-build
$ cd iridium-build
$ PORTABLE=1 make

after compilation done, binaries are in iridium-build/src :